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Are you a good candidate for laser refractive surgery like LASIK, LASEK or PRK? The answer depends on several factors such as the health of your eyes, your prescription, your age, your activities and your expectations.  Our Doctors will check your eyes and discuss your options, make recommendations and referrals.

Children: Laser  refractive surgery is contraindicated for children because they are still growing. Their eyes, and prescription, change regularly. Overnight Vision Shaping not only gives benefits similar to laser surgery, it helps to reduce the progression of myopia in pre-teens and teenagers.  That way if laser is chosen later on, there is much less treatment required.

Vision Shaping is a great alternative to Laser.

Many people with lower prescriptions (-0.75 to -4.00) prefer the less invasive, reversible Overnight Vision Shaping, others are not good laser candidates, or simply want to enjoy the benefits of natural vision while waiting for future advances in laser surgery.  Our doctors will review all your options for treatment during your eye exam.

Latest Laser News

Former FDA official warns of LASIK risks

The man who OK’d LASIK now warns of an ‘Epidemic’ of eye problems. – Review of Optometry, October 15th 2010

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