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Thorough eye exams with modern equipment and our experienced doctors are the cornerstone to caring for your eyes. The exam process is easy and comfortable, and the environment is warm and relaxed. Our doctors take the time to learn about you and make personalized recommendations for your unique situation.

Even people with perfect vision should have routine annual eye health exams. Some eye problems don’t have any symptoms until too advanced to treat, so early detection by an eye doctor is very important.

We ALWAYS check specifically for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, 3  common eye health problems, as part of a complete eye health exam.

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Eye Exam Coverage

Seniors Eye Care Program
Senior Eye Test
The Seniors Eye Care Program helps to ensure eligible seniors (65+) have access to medical eye care and promotes annual eye exams, with even deeper discounts for senior 75+. Annual eye exams are important to detect conditions that occur more commonly among seniors. For example glaucoma often has no symptoms but requires early treatment to prevent permanent vision loss.
Minors Eye Care Program
child Eye Test
The children’s Eye Care Program is designed to ensure that all eligible minors (under 19) have access to medical eye care and promotes annual eye exams. Young infants and growing children require different testing than full grown teens. It is important to have an age appropriate eye exam. Young children and infants don’t know what normal vision is and rarely complain when a serious problem may exist. As 80% of learning is visual, we recommend a child’s first exam be at age six months and then yearly. Amblyopia is a preventable condition (lazy eye) if treated very early, if left uncorrected by age eight it is very difficult to correct.
Medical Condition Care Program
The Medical Condition Care Program is designed to ensure access to medical eye care. Urgent problems such as a scratched cornea or sudden changes in vision qualify, as do referrals from other doctors.